Who will look after me?

I have many  'a down day'  thinking of who looks after me.

Yes I have a good caring family and friends who would drop everything if I needed them to, 
but I don't like calling on friends etc for trivial down days however it's good to know in a crisis they are there. 

But when you have the odd day of just feeling alone....who is there for me?

I know know who I can rely on......................ME

It's not a bad thing but it's making me realise I need to look after myself.

The little things...like  

  • buying a coffee for myself 
  • Putting on nail varnish. 
  • Taking a hot bubbly bath with the radio on? 
  • Watching a film no one else wants to see.

Remembering that I am me...there is no one else like me.....I am beautifully unique/special.

I'm trying these simple things to make sure I look after me. 


  1. It's really important to take time for yourself and looking after you!

  2. Those little moments can really make such a difference :)

  3. You're absolutely right, the one person that is always there to look after me is me. Sometimes we forget that, don't we? 😘

  4. Everyone needs a little TLC. Loving yourself allows you to let others love you too

  5. I think taking time for yourself and looking after your self makes you feel so much better in yourself x

  6. Coffee, bubble baths and films all sound lovely to me x

  7. I came to the very same realization a few days ago and yesterday I took care of me, I made time for me and took me out for a solo trip to costa and stayed there for a few hours before leaving.

  8. Always really important to make time for yourself, it's not something I always remember to do either

  9. I really need to do more of this myself. I should paint my nails every now and again x


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