Comfort vs Style #hotterbath

I have never been one to compromise my comfort for style even in my younger days.

Comfort has always been key.

However now I have turned 40, I have started to want to have comfort and style. Something inside me is wanting to somehow shine?

Shoes have always been a love/hate relationship as the ones I

love weren't always fashionable.

I was asked to come and try some shoes at in bath

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised!

The shoes are British made and the company has been around since 1959...
that tells me, they know what they are on about!

I fell in love with the Resort Sandal, for me they are stylish,
go with everything and the MOST important thing for me is that they are amazingly comfortable. The time taken in making these shoes, shows when you try them on. Now I don't just mean..meh..its ok....I mean like WOW. I feel like i'm walking on air!

Hot Sunny Weather...I'm ready!!

I received a complimentary pair of shoes at the Hotter event for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.


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